Looking to Start an Indie Polish Brand?

I have been mixing polish since 2016, and selling since 2020. While I am no expert whatsoever, I have made a fair share of errors and mis-steps, as well as some solidly good decisions. Based on my experiences, here's some of what you should consider before launching your own brand. It all comes down to RESEARCH!


Can you afford to pay for: 
Bottle/brush/caps, pigments, base liquids, shipping supplies, PR costs, Swatcher shipping, Swatcher payments, Returns/Refunds, Errors and Mistakes?

There are many hidden costs required to sell polish on the indie market.



Do you want to be a Vegan/Cruelty-Free brand? If so, are you prepared to collect the SBS data sheets to assure your manufacturers don't test on animals?

Have you tested your ingredients and final polishes? Do you know how the polishes will behave after a year in a drawer?

Some ingredients just don't mix, some flakies curl, some pigments fade. Be sure to know what you are releasing, and how it will behave in the future.



Do you have a diverse lineup of swatchers? Are you prepared to invest in diversity for your brand?

Do you want to join collabs? Are you prepared to research who is involved and how they treat other members of the Indie Community? 

Don't accept every offer for free work that hits your inbox! While some swatchers will work for product, many will not. There are many types of people, with many types of bodies, and many skin tones. It is important to reflect that in swatches on your shop, collabs, advertising, and social media. This is a time and financial investment that should be considered before launch.


Last Updated 2/3/2023