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*Jul 21 update: I have bottles and new brushes in-stock! Hooray!

Still, tho, If you end up with any brushes from past polishes that are not functional, let me know and I am happy to send extras.



Photos can be sent by:
-Email: Cassandra@syzygy.boston
-DropBox and Google Drive: Cassandra.Maker@gmail.com
-Instagram @Syzygy.Boston

*I have no problem with & actually encourage watermarks on your work!

*I have no quantity/content requirements - I simply ask for accurate representations of how the polish appears. Do what is fun for you!

*I generally do not have any guidelines for PR posting for my main shop, unless otherwise noted.

*I tend to start boosting main shop polishes about two weeks before launch, and collab polishes about a week prior to shop launch.

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I have tried to make this as easy as possible to navigate! Click the links to go directly to each section. 

Neons and Oops, I Blanked
Collabs & Group Customs  (PGB, InD Box, Glow Group)
Charity Polishes
Other/Always in the Shop



$9.00 for 15ml

1-2 coat black! Nothing too exciting to say about that.

“I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.”

-Wednesday Addams

In shop Sept 15, permanent addition!

💜💙💚Mismatched Sock Trio💜💙💚

The Mismatched Sock Trio was originally released in August 2021, under my old brand, The Nail Stuff!

$11.00 each, all three in a set for $30!

Disco Turkey: 
A shimmery multichrome chameleon polish that shifts from teal to blue-purple to magenta.

Fuchsia Tuxedo: 

A bright magenta with a strong pink-purple highlight. Is it definitely pink? Is it kinda red? Is it kinda neon? Yes.

That's So Metal:
A purple-silver metallic filled with red-purple-blue chameleon flakies and blue/purple/red Aurora flakies. This polish can be used as a topper or layered for a stunning metallic chameleon look.


🏳️‍🌈SUMMER 2022 - Jellies!🏳️‍🌈

All available June 15 thru September 30! 

$11.00 each! Full sets will be available for $70.

$1 from each individual polish sold will go to GLAAD - Glaad.org. 
$10 from each full set sold will go to GLAAD.

*There is a chance that I will need to switch to different bottles in/before July, and will update everyone and change listings accordingly!

“GLAAD rewrites the script for LGBTQ acceptance. As a dynamic media force, GLAAD tackles tough issues to shape the narrative and provoke dialogue that leads to cultural change.”

These jellies begin with a base of micro holographic and iridescent glitters; each has it’s own unique mix of beautiful flakies!

Fiery 🔥 Fiery is a deep magenta jelly that builds to red with multiple coats. Features holographic glitters, iridescent flakies & glitters, and pink/orange flakies.

Bold 🐅 Bold is a bright orange jelly, with holographic glitters, iridescent flakies & glitters,  pink/orange and green/gold flakies.

Electric ⚡️ Electric is a lovely golden yellow jelly with holographic glitters, iridescent flakies & glitters,  plus orange/gold/green flakies.

Fresh 🌱 Fresh is a bright emerald green jelly, featuring holographic glitters, iridescent flakies & glitters,  plus purple/blue/teal and green/gold flakies.

Calm 💙 Calm is a bright cobalt blue jelly, loaded with holographic glitters, iridescent flakies & glitters,  and purple/blue/teal flakies.

Mysterious 🌌 Mysterious is a deep purple/indigo jelly polish, with holographic glitters, iridescent flakies & glitters,  plus blue/purple/pink and green/blue flakies.

Royal 🟣 Royal is a bright purple jelly, featuring holographic glitters, iridescent flakies & glitters,  plus pink/purple/blue flakies.

Prismatic 🏳️‍🌈 This topper is loaded with micro holographic and iridescent glitters, plus micro iridescent flakies. Wear it as a fun accent nail, or wear over your favorite color for an extra layer of rainbow sparkle!




Neons and Oops, I Blanked


I've wanted to do neons for a while, and the idea for the aurora shimmer glow effect came from the Facebook fan group 💜

Pricing: $11.00 for the three neons, $11.50 for the GITD topper. A limited number of full sets will be available for $40! 

Timing: This is a LIMITED quad, available April 15 thru June 30 2022.

Glo Getter - $11.50 for 15ml (Glow in the Dark!)
This glittery topper is hiding a fun green glow-in-the-dark effect! Packed with black and white and iridescent glitters, this polish can be worn on its own or as a topper. When charged with sunlight or a UV lamp, the green glow pops in the dark!

*The polish appears cloudy in the bottle, due to the glow pigment. The polish is clear on the nail with 1-2 coats.

*Larger glitters may settle; roll in palms to reincorporate!

Bedazzled - $11.00 for 15ml
It’s PINK! Your nails will be brighter than Barbie’s heels in this stunning polish. When you catch the light, you can see a beautiful blue aurora shimmer glow effect. Opaque in 2-3 coats. Dries slightly matte; glossy top coat recommend for optimal shine!

Windbreaker Blue - $11.00 for 15ml
This neon blue polish reminds me of bright blue skies and cool 90s windbreakers. What’s also cool is the shimmery purple aurora glow that pops in the light! Opaque in 2-3 coats. Dries slightly matte; glossy top coat recommend for optimal shine!

Safety Dancing - $11.00 for 15ml
You CAN dance if you want to. But be sure to wear your safety yellow. The shimmery green aurora glow effect is a little more subtle in this polish, but it really brings out all the neon goodness! Opaque in 2-3 coats. 
Dries slightly matte; glossy top coat recommend for optimal shine!


Oops, I Blanked 

Price: $9.00 for 15ml
Timing: Not limited- launches April 15 and will stay in shop

This primer coat is an excellent way to boost the pay off of bright nail polishes, and offer a blank canvas that helps cover visible nail lines. 

Want to use it as a basic white polish? Throw on a few coats and a top coat, and off you go.

*For best use:

  1. Apply a base coat of your choosing, if that’s your thing. Let dry.
  2. Apply a thin-to-medium coat of Oops, I Blanked. Let dry. A second coat should not be needed, but feel free!
  3. Apply the nail polish of your choice & any top coat, as you normally would. In many cases, this primer coat will allow for less coats, so you can save polish and use that beautiful lacquer for even longer.

Collabs (Polished Gamers, InDBox, group customs!)

Glow! Group Custom, Sept 2022

Fantastical But Fierce (thermal, glow in the dark)

$12.00 for 12ml / no cap, at www.Syzygy.Boston

Timing: available between Sept 1-Sept 30

Fine to promo Aug 30 thru September 31!

Inspired by a photo from FB Glow group member Dee Rose, this thermal, glow-in-the-dark polish has multiple looks depending on the temperature and lighting!

With a base of pink glitters, pink aurora flakies, this polish transitions from neon green when warm (above 88°F), to dark olive green when cooler. To top it off is an overall pink shimmer.

When charged with UV light or sunlight, you can enjoy a fun green glow in the dark effect, which shows best when the polishes and it’s warm (neon green) state!


 InD Box, Sept 2022

Autumn Brilliance (solar)

Timing: Can promo after Sept 1 - shop is open Sept 16-30!

$12.00 for 15ml / Cap 50

Autumn Brilliance is inspired by the August 1957 issue of British Vogue!

This berry to purple solar is flecked with  multichrome and aurora flakies in fall

 in shop 10/1/22!

Support Our Youth

Benefitting The Trevor Project

$12.00 for 15ml

$2 from each bottle sold goes to The Trevor Project (www.TheTrevorProject.org).

This Trevor Project-orange linear holographic polish was specifically created to benefit one of my favorite organizations.

The Trevor Project works to directly and indirectly support LGBTQ youth. They offer 24/7 information and counseling for anyone who is struggling to make it to the next day.

For Support:

Live Chat: www.TheTrevorProject.org

Live Phone Line: 1-866-488-7386

Text: send “START” to 678-678


🏳️‍🌈August/Sept Charity Duo🏳️‍🌈

Duo for $20, Sept 1- end of 2022

Donation Duo

Timing: Adding to shop Sept 1, will be staying in the shop! Can promo anytime!

$20.00 for the duo, $4 from each goes to the TBCD Foundation (https://tbcdfoundation.org/)

“TBCD disorder (also sometimes referred to as PEBAT), is a severe and often progressive genetic neurological condition. Most children lose all purposeful movement by age four, and the majority do not see their fifth birthday. It is extremely rare, with fewer than 50 identified patients in the world.” -From TBCD Foundation website

This duo is very special to me , as a friend’s son has been diagnosed with TBCD, and she has teamed up with other parents to start an organization to expand visibility and research.

This duo will stay in the shop to assist their cause. I pulled my primary inspiration from Max’s Go Fund Me Page - https://www.gofundme.com/f/maxs-miracle-searching-for-a-cure-for-tbcd

One In A Billion - This sheer gray polish has a beautiful turquoise shift, and is speckled with aurora flakies! When charged with sunlight or a UV light, the polish glows a bluish white!

Miracle for Max - This holographic polish is inspired by the Miracle For Max logo and Max’s stunning blue eyes!

🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 OTHER

Forever Collections:

Thermal Quad 2022

This thermal collection is a long time coming, and is inspired by some really neat looking animals! This will not be a limited collection; it will be available so long as I can purchase the ingredients!

Price: These thermals are each $11.50 for 15ml, however a limited number of full sets will be available for $40!

❤️🧡Tomato Frog - $11.50 for 15ml

Tomato frogs are cute little Amphibians endemic to Madagascar. The females are a beautiful red-orange color, which is my inspiration for this red-to-orange thermal.

Cold, this 77 degree thermal polish is a bright shade of red. Warm, it transitions to orange. There are plenty of shifty aurora flakies in tones of red, pink, gold, and green.

🖤💗Pink Robin - $11.50 for 15ml

Pink Robins are from Southeastern Australia, and are just that: the males have a chest full of bright pink feathers! This thermal polish is inspired by their gray/black-pink colors.

WIth a fabulous 88 degree transition point, this polish has blue/purple/red multichrome and aurora flakies. Cold, the base is a greyed purple-black. As it warms, the color becomes a beautiful bright pink and the multichrome flakies really pop out!

💚💛Green Tree Python - $11.50 for 15ml

Green Tree Pythons are native to New Guinea, Indonesia and Australia. They are a yellowish color when young, and as they shed and grow, they become a bright green color that helps them camouflage in the trees, This coloration was the inspiration for this green-to-yellow thermal polish.

Another 77 degree transition thermal, it is a lime green when cold, and transitions to yellow when warm. There’s also a healthy amount of green, orange and gold-toned aurora flakies.

💙💜🤍Violet Sea Snail - $11.50 for 15ml

The violet sea snail, or Janthina janthina, is native to parts of the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans. They are a super interesting little mollusk. They are all born male, and change to females later in life in order to care for their eggs and start the next generation. Science is WILD!

These snails are shades of purple, and have inspired this sorta-tri-thermal. What does that mean? Well, when fully cold, the color is blue/indigo. Between 77-88, the blue fades and it is a violet/grape shade. As it warms from there, the color fades to a sheer purple, then to mostly transparent. Also includes plenty of aurora flakies for a beautiful shift. This can be worn alone, or over other colors to create some super fun looks!


Clue! 2022 

This collection is inspired by one of my favorite board games, Clue! It includes six shimmery opaques, and a flakie black-to-clear/sheer thermal. This not be a limited collection; it will be available so long as I can purchase the ingredients!

The names come from the 1985 movie, which is about a group of questionable humans, stuck in a manor, trying to figure out which one of them is a murderer. I enjoy the movie for it’s theatre and slapstick (and Tim Curry and Madeline Kahn), but do not condone murdering ones spouse, blackmail, arms dealing, sexist & outdated social stereotypes, among other things… 😂

Price: The opaques are $11.00 for 15ml; the thermal is $11.50 for 15ml, however a limited number of full sets will be available for $70 with free shipping!

❤️Get Your Mitts Off Me! (Scarlet)

This scarlet red represents the game piece/character of Miss Scarlet. It is a red/magenta base with red metallic shimmer and red highlights. $11 for 15ml

💛Why Are You Screaming? (Mustard)

This yellow represents the game piece/character of Colonel Mustard. The bright yellow base has a yellow metallic shimmer and copper highlights. $11 for 15ml

💚 I Didn’t Do It! (Green)

This green represents the game piece/character of Mr. Green. It is an emerald green base with green metallic shimmer and green highlights. $11 for 15ml

💙I’m a Senator’s Wife! (Peacock)

This cerulean-ish blue represents the game piece/character of Mrs. Peacock. The bright blue base has a blue metallic shimmer and blue highlights. $11 for 15ml

💜What Are You Afraid Of? (Plum)

This purple is more Grape than Plum, as it was getting too close to the Summer 2021 color “Too Cool for 7th Grade.” The deep violet base has purple metallic shimmer and a violet highlight. $11 for 15ml

🤍I Don’t Want a Scandal (White)

This white is, well, white! It features a soft satiny shimmer, and represents the game piece/character of Mrs. White. $11 for 15ml

🖤Where’s the Boddy? (TH)

This black-to-clear flakie thermal represents Mr. Boddy… the body. Someone definitely did it, but who? Cold, the polish is black with red-pink-gold shifty flakies. As it warms, the black transitions to sheer, leaving a subtle flakie effect. Can be worn alone or as a topper! $11.50 for 15ml